POLICE are out and about in Blackheath checking on whether shoppers are wearing face masks.

The Rowley Police team tweeted this morning (Monday September 28) that they were on their way to Blackheath town centre to begin Covid-19 patrols.

They tweeted: "Pcso Whitehouse setting out on the train in Cradley Heath to Rowley Regis to start the Covid -19 patrols in Blackheath Town Center.

"Folks keep up the good work with wearing facial coverings.

"Remember it's for everyone to play their part."

Yesterday the policing team thanked the people of Blackheath for "doing a great job with wearing facial coverings to keep everyone safe."

In England, people must wear a face covering on public transport, taxis and private hire vehicles, in transport hubs, shops and supermarkets and shopping centres (malls and indoor markets) and in other areas - the full rules can be found here.

Police have the power to issue fines of £200 (reduced to £100 if paid within 14 days) for the first offence.

Repeat offenders receiving fines on public transport or in an indoor setting will have their fines doubled at each offence.

After the first offence, there will be no discount.

For example, receiving a second fine will amount to £400 and a third fine will be £800, up to a maximum value of £6,400.