A HALESOWEN couple who believe their children were the subjects of an attempted abduction have spoken out to warn others.

Gemma Loveridge and her partner Davie Byfield are now too worried to take their children out for a walk after the frightening incident on the corner of Bournes Hill and Huntingtree Road.

The street is near Huntingtree Primary School and Huntingtree Park.

Gemma said her partner Davie, aged 32, was walking with their four children aged 8, 6, 4 and an 18-month-old who was in a pram on Saturday October 3, when a white van which had been travelling at around 40mph suddenly slammed on its brakes and stopped across the footpath, blocking their path.

Stay-at-home mum Gemma, aged 36, said: "The van suddenly slammed on its brakes and pulled up blocking them and one of the men who was sitting in the front jumped to the back of the van.

"My partner and the children ran off but they could see the van driving round, circling trying to find them.

"I was on the phone to him at the time and they had to hide behind cars and thankfully made it to our house which is a few streets away.

"I just keep having images of my children in the back of the van crying out for me.

"We're not walking anywhere now - we're going everywhere by car - I have never felt such fear in my whole life.

"The older two boys are really shaken up and keep looking out the window for vans."

Davie, who is a gardener, said the van was white with a black body kit. He said it looked new. The two men inside were wearing high visibility jackets.

Gemma, who reported the incident to police, said she had seen numerous reports of attempted abductions on social media.

She said: "I've seen reports that they are targeting parents with more than one child as it's more difficult for them to keep hold of all of the children. It's scary. I just want to make other people aware so they are on their guard."

A warning was sent to parents of pupils at Gig Mill Primary in Stourbridge on Friday September 28 after pupils were approached by four men in a dark red transit van.

West Midlands Police have been contacted for comment.