WHAT Gemma Gregerson desperately needs is time – time to save her 8-year-old son’s life.

To make that time the 28-year-old needs to raise £55,000 to take him to a clinic in Germany for a new treatment for his extremely rare brain cancer.

A surge of community support has already got her to £11,500 and Gemma says she is just amazed by the backing she has had.

In fact, as we talked she was presented with one of her own leaflets by one of the army of backers distributing them on the Amblecote estate where she lives.

It’s all so very far away from her life just under a year ago.

Riley was a normal, active youngster who liked playing football, swimming, and just running around, and Gemma was a normal mum planning Christmas.

Then Riley’s right arm started shaking. Suddenly he felt very tired and was struggling to write in class. And then, at school in Lutley Primary, Halesowen, he started convulsing.

A biopsy showed Riley had a brain tumour caused by a very rare cancer that is especially unusual in someone of his age.

It was a devastating blow. This was a life-limiting cancer with no cure.

Doctors operated but could only remove 40% because of where it was located in the brain.

Then came intensive radiotherapy followed by chemotherapy.

Gemma’s research of her son’s condition has led her to a clinic in Germany which offers a special ‘vaccine’ which needs a to be injected every six weeks for two years.

The cost is £55,000 but nowhere else is Gemma getting any hope for Riley’s long term future.

“It’s only Germany and the USA really. It’s such a rare cancer. But there are some trials going on in the USA that are hopeful.

“I am hoping for time. It’s not curable at the moment but I’m hoping if we can gain enough time they will find something.”

Gemma’s GoFundMe page has topped £7,000, while former West Bromwich Albion and Halesowen Town footballer Lee Hughes is doing a sponsored bike ride expected to raise another £5,000.

Riley’s school are raising awareness and doing a raffle, as are neighbours of Gemma and her mum and dad, Mandy Singer and Neil Gregerson.

“I cannot believe the support I’ve had. I don’t like asking for money but I cannot do it on my own.”

To donate go to Gemma’s fundraising page at https://t.co/QtCYRK7YRc or visit Lee’s at https://uk.gofundme.com/f/ey3t8e-rileys-fight

Said Gemma: “Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. It means so much.”