A club for children and young adults with learning difficulties across the Dudley borough is facing an uncertain future after Covid forced it to close its weekly sessions.

The regular meetings gave the ‘space’ for those who were attending to learn new skills and the chance to develop, while offering an important few hours a week for families.

But the All Stars Club based at Himley Road Methodist Church has not been able to hold a normal session since February and sees little prospect of them returning before next year.

The club relies on money from Dudley Council which it has to apply for each year, and the latest application is hindered by the fact that it has been unable to fulfill its main role.

But the club is fighting on with friends and supporters and successfully trialed a mini-session at the weekend, thanks to their partnership with the Mark Butler Golf Academy at Sedgley.

‘Many parents were still worried about Covid but the day went very well,” said Interim Manager Tyler Madelin.

“At our peak we get about 30, and we got about half for the session. It went well and we are looking to see if we can organize some more of these mini-events around Halloween and Christmas.”

“We are in an awkward situation because what we can do is curtailed by Covid restrictions.

“But we are still raising funds and eager to help people with disabilities, because its important.”

The Club are currently in the process of forming a new partnership with the Dudley Arms pub to provide more opportunities for mini-events and to help members get experience of the hospitality business.

The club is also looking for a new, permanent manager for the future.

“And when these Covid restrictions are lifted we want people to come along and see what we do and to join us.”

If you can help go to the club’s Facebook page for more information.