A HALESOWEN bar has been inundated with messages of support after hitting back at a scathing 'reviewer' who said she hoped it would close down.

Ruth Coley, manager of Lounge 101 on Kent Road, was astounded at the mean-spirited message on social media.

Ruth said: "I was very upset because we are working so hard - I couldn't believe someone would wish us closed and for all of our staff to lose their jobs."

The business opens at 9am and is a dog-friendly coffee lounge by day, becoming a cafe bar at night.

It opened last November. It was forced to close in March due to lockdown, but reopened in July and like all small businesses has been doing its best to survive during difficult times.

The poster hit out over parking stating: "Staff and patrons monopolise the parking making it difficult to park for other businesses including hair salon, solicitors, chippie and vets!

"Totally wrong location to open such a business - hopefully it will be closed."

Halesowen News:

The bar responded by posting on its Facebook page: "WOW!!! We really feel we have to reply to this review.

"Firstly, in regards to staff taking up parking spaces, out of the 10 staff we employ, only 3 of them drive, these are evening staff who start their shift at 5pm, so how are they interfering with your parking when most of these businesses are closed then?

"We all support each other as small businesses and have never had any other complaints about our staff or customers."

It goes on: "As to the remark of us 'hopefully being closed down soon' I'm sure our regular customers would be horrified to see this as would our staff who rely on their jobs here to live!!

"Wrong location? Again, our regulars would disagree, in fact so many people have told us we are just what was needed around here!

"I suggest you look at our reviews! We pride ourselves on the fact that we are very considerate to our residents and in these strange times we are doing all we can to keep everybody who comes into our bar safe and are complimented on this all the time!

"We hope to keep serving the community around here for many years to come!"

Halesowen News:

A whole host of people responded in support of the bar.

One person posted: "Good for you! You support my business every day.

"I don’t think people realise the damage that unjustified online reviews can do in what is an already difficult time for local business.

"You have a lovely bar keep up the good work."

Another said: "We should all be supporting and encouraging local businesses in these difficult times. Keep up the good work and stay safe."

Another response said: "Lounge 101 is fabulous, it definitely has great staff, an ideal location, a varied choice to suit all tastes, I for one wish the team there every continued success."