VANDALS have "destroyed" an area of Halesowen woodland - with the Keep Halesowen Beautiful group determined to restore it to its former glory.

The group is working to clear up the woodland from Lutley Lane over towards Hagley Country Club which is being used as a den for drinking and drug taking.

Members have planted acorns in a bid to replace trees which have been ripped out.

Spokeswoman Jean Green said the "beautiful area of woodland in Halesowen has become almost destroyed by tree removal and the burning of bikes.

"There are several of these dens in the area used by youths for drinking, drug taking and littering."

Jean said the group Keep Halesowen Beautiful is "endeavouring to clean up the area and plant acorns to try to bring back the woodland to its former glory."

Around Halloween time the area was covered in foam from furniture, giving it the appearance of a winter wonderland.

The hard-working group, which launched earlier this year, clears up litter on the streets and in beauty spots across the town.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the group should join Keep Halesowen Beautiful on Facebook.