THEY are known for helping to keep your garden trim and tidy, but for Movember the Tree Doctors of Halesowen are allowing their facial hair to grow wild.

‘Some people are too embarrassed, and we do get some funny looks from friends and customers, but we don’t mind, we’re pretty rough and ready,” said Freddie Mercury – alias Jack Raybould.

Jack and three others from the firm are having a bit of fun while trying to raise money, and awareness, for charity.

In fact their current motto is ‘We cut trees, not taches.’

But that will certainly be a forgotten motto on December 1 as the shavers or trimmers come out. There’s only so much ribbing a man can take about his 1970s looks or complaints from ‘the missus.’

Jack, Will Boulton, Connor Smith and Ben Lyness have set themselves the target of raising £1,000 during Movember.

“There’s a lot of talk in lockdown about mental health and male suicide so we just decided it was time to do something,” said Jack.

Having worked with a few people who have struggled with their mental health the guys have let their taches grow to the extent that they now ‘look like wild bushes’ – not the sort of thing a tree surgeon would allow in his garden.

If you can help, their fundraising page can be found at: