SCORES of residents have objected to plans for a housing development including a block of flats and a housing office on “lifeline” green space in Cradley.

Dudley Council wants to build four bungalows, a detached house, 15 flats and a housing support office on two parcels of land that it owns on opposite sides of Foredraft Street.

The bid has led to objections from local residents concerned about the loss of popular green space as well as parking for customers using local businesses including a florist, Post Office, pharmacy and laundrette on Windmill Hill.

They say the proposal is overdevelopment and would devalue their homes.

There are also concerns about the increased use of Highfield Road, Rossendale Close and Foredraft Street for vehicles to access the development.

Halesowen News:

More than 20 objections have been lodged with the council, including one from neighbouring Belle Vale ward councillor Simon Phipps.

One objector states: “These apartments have NO place in Foredraft Street, we are a small community of 2/3 bedroom houses.

It goes on: “This is once again an overdevelopment of the land. Foredraft Street is a cul-de-sac, no.33 to no.17 are on private/unadopted land.

“We residents, with the agreement of the council, spent £13,000 of our own money, tarmacing and putting in drainage, this was in 2017 and brought to an end a 49-year dispute with Dudley Council.”

Another objector who lives on Highfield Road states: “Having Highfield Road as the main access to Foredraft Street is a huge mistake and will inevitably cause some major accidents and harm to human life.

“This is just waiting to happen.

"The green space is also a place for the community for the locals who can meet and chat together and has been a lifeline during the current pandemic.”

One resident states: “The development seems way over size for the area of land and would dwarf other buildings.”

Halesowen News:

A design and access statement submitted to planners states that there would be seven car parking spaces in the development for use by the shops on Windmill Hill.

Highways officers recommended the scheme by refused stating that access via Foredraft Street on to Windmill Hill is “very hazardous” and that instead access should come from Highfield Road, which would lead to the loss of two plots but would create a “safer environment.”

Cllr Simon Phipps has called for plans for the four proposed homes on Highfield Road and the flats to be scrapped and a smaller development of homes on Foredraft Street.

He said the removal of trees had already started on site, leading to upset around the affect on wildlife.

Halesowen News:

Cllr Phipps stated: “The green space is well used by dog‐walkers, residents travelling to shops and other community facilities. It would be a loss to many residents, not least those facing the development who currently have a visual amenity to look at, if this green space was lost to development.

He goes on: “I am also concerned at the disruption that the development of these properties would have on neighbouring residents.

“It is proposed that there is no vehicular access for site vehicles from Windmill Hill, therefore sending unsuitably large vehicles through Highfield Road and over the proposed plots one to four, which I do not believe is an acceptable solution.”