FOUR new trees were snapped off and grass was churned up by an off-road biker in acts of mindless vandalism at a Halesowen park - leading to calls for action.

The trees at Hope Street Park were deliberately destroyed around January 8 - just days after they were planted by Dudley Council - leaving councillors and residents angry and upset.

Then the next day a motorbike drove all over the grass and left mud all over the children's play area.

Halesowen News:

Locals say the park is also used by drug dealers and anti-social youths and is victim to fly-tipping.

Councillors Hilary Bills and Parmjit Sahota, who are looking to set up a friends group, have contacted Dudley Council and have asked the local policing team to step up patrols in the area.

They want the access into the park moved - at the moment it is an enclosed gully which means people cannot be seen easily by local residents.

A petition has also been set up calling for CCTV to stop acts of anti-social behaviour at the park, also known as Olive Hill park.

Halesowen News: Vandalism at Hope Street Park in Halesowen. Pic: Sarah CartwrightVandalism at Hope Street Park in Halesowen. Pic: Sarah Cartwright

Hilary Bills said: "We had asked for the trees because we wanted more trees around Shell Corner because we haven't got many.

"Then within days they have been snapped off.

"It's so frustrating when people come along and do this.

"The answer is to get right of way into the park moved.

"We're working hard, cross party, to get new housing on the ex-factory areas on Malt Mill Lane and make that road the entrance to the park and close this entrance.

"If we could move the right of way into the park to between the new houses it would be more visible who is going in and out of the park.

"At the moment it's difficult to find out who is committing the vandalism

"We have a regeneration officer working on this for us for the first time ever which is progress.

"So there is hope.

"Local residents have a lot of pride in the area and the park has a lovely play area, but this anti-social behaviour is putting people off using it."

Dudley Council has been contacted for comment.