TV fans in Brierley Hill are being warned that enjoyment of their favourite programmes could be affected by new interference.

But they are also being reassured that free, specialist help is available if it does happen.

The problem is new 4G masts for mobile phones which are being rolled out across the area. The latest to go live is one in Brierley Hill.

The signals pumped out by the masts are very close to the frequency used for Freeview TV.

There is a ‘small chance’ that a nearby mast could hit interfere with your TV signal.

Problems could be: loss of sound; blocky pictures, freezing, the TV going blank or getting a No Signal message.

The government are rapidly rolling out 4G, and to help with any problems they have created a free support service called at800.

It offers support to households who rely on Freeview TV, and also to people over 75, the blinded or partially sighted, and people on certain benefits.

Cable and satellite TV like Sky or Virgin is not affected, but if you also have Freeview and have problems at800 can help.

In most cases you would be sent a filter, and if that does not solve the problem an engineer will call.

Anyone in a communal property should contact their landlord.

If you are having problems, ring 0808 13 13 800 (free from landlines and mobiles) or go to