A fantastic summer camp for local youngsters to ‘celebrate’ the end of lockdown is being planned at a regional children's farm – if the charity can raise enough money in time.

Children, particularly those in inner city and built up areas, whose mental health has taken a battering from being out of school and stuck at home for months are in desperate need of some fun and socialising, and the camp sounds perfect.

The fields at Dodford Children’s Holiday Farm near Bromsgrove would be transformed with gazebos, barbecues a main marquee and six tents offering all sorts of fun and adventures.

But the charity say it will cost around £2,000 a week to host about 140 children safely, and have launched an appeal to try to raise the cash and support to make it happen.

It is aiming for £8,000-£10,000 to help hundred and hundreds of children “re-start their lives post-Covid.”

Thousands of families across the region have found out just how true it is when children’s charity Barnardo’s point out that ‘play is vital for healthy child development. It boosts emotional and physical well-being and helps build confidence, social skills, creativity and resilience.’

The post-Covid Camp would involve children, in bubbles, enjoying entertainment at a series of tents:

• Imagination tent: For dressing up and telling stories

• Smelly tent: A sensory experience of smell and fell

• Super Movers tent: Loud music and dance to let the hair down

• Exploration tent: The base for forest walks, the fairy walk, or the top of the world path

• Animal tent: The base for meeting the farm animals

• Break-out tent: When you just need some peace and quiet

The hope is to get it up and running for the first week in July.

Meanwhile the charity is looking at more ambitious fundraising plans to help bring the rather dated main building out of its Covid mothballs.

It hosts about 850 visits a year from families or schools, but the charity thinks more than £100,000 is need to alter the lay-out and refit it to bring it up to scratch for modern times.

For more information, or to support the Camp, go to: Childrens Farm - Post Covid Support - a Charities crowdfunding project in Dodford by Dodford Childrens Farm - Post Covid Support (avivacommunityfund.co.uk)