FED-UP residents say a Cradley Heath footpath has been closed to pedestrians for more than two years while long-running building work continues on a housing estate.

Developer Dunedin Haden Cross Ltd is building 53 homes on the site at Haden Cross, off Halesowen Road.

Work started on site in March 2019 - with residents horrified at the clearance of trees.

Local resident Margaret Bradley said the footpath along Halesowen Road has been cordoned off for two years - forcing pedestrians to cross the busy road.

Pic by Stephanie Jackson

Pic by Stephanie Jackson

The 71-year-old, of nearby Willow Heights, said: "It's terrible.

"You don't mind for 12 months, but it's been going on for years.

"The footpath has been closed for about two years.

"It's dangerous. You have to take your life into your own hands and cross over the busy road.

"There's mud everywhere.

"I walk to Haden Hill Park every day and have to cross over that road.

"If anyone got hurt there it would be dreadful.

"The building work has been going on for about three years.

"Last week the lorries were queuing up on the main Halesowen Road to turn into High Haden Road."

Work is ongoing at the site. Pic: Stephanie Jackson

Work is ongoing at the site. Pic: Stephanie Jackson

Stephanie Jackson, aged 55, of High Haden Crescent, said: "There's poor people living in some of the houses now

"The noise, the lorries, the mud, the trees being cut down, it's awful.

"The lorries were coming to take the mud pile away last week. It's constant.

"I don't know why the footpath has been closed for years as they rebuilt the wall ages ago, but it's still closed off.

"They have been cutting down more trees there again last week.

"It was so lovely before with the ancient woodland and bluebells."

A spokesman for Dunedin said: "We have a footpath closure permit from Sandwell Council and are planning to re-open the path quite soon once the works to the boundaries are complete which is imminent.

"The reported time frame of three years is grossly over exaggerated as we did not acquire the site until May 2019 with construction works commencing in the Autumn of 2019.

"Felled trees have only been removed with permission granted by the Tree Officer at Sandwell Council following both ecological and individual surveys.

"As you can detect we undertake all tasks only with permissions issued by the Local Authority.

"We hope this helps alleviate any fears the residents may have."

Sandwell Council has been contacted for comment.

The footpath is cordoned off. Pic: Stephanie Jackson

The footpath is cordoned off. Pic: Stephanie Jackson