A COMPANY run by three sisters from Halesowen is staging a webinar in which two of the world's leading experts in Autism at work will speak.

The Business of Autism is run by Maisie Cass, Alice Nock and Lucy Barratt-Smith and stages courses to give firms an understanding of what it's like to be autistic and the benefits of supporting autistic clients and employees.

It is holding a free live webinar on Thursday April 22 from 1pm to 2pm and is encouraging firms to log on.

To do so click here. The website is at www.thebusinessofautism.com. 

It is highlighting the upcoming course this week as it is World Autism Awareness Week.

Alice said: "If you are a Law Firm, Accountants, Insurance Brokers/Company, Financial Institute or any other corporate business, this is an absolute must.

Paul Austin

Paul Austin

"Paul Austin from IBM and Lee Corless from JP Morgan Chase and Co will talk about their experience of running successful Autism at work programmes in some of the world’s leading corporations.

"Even more importantly, we will be hearing from autistic employees from across the globe who are either at the beginning of their journey in the corporate world of work or have already made waves and developed their job roles to be able to really showcase their skills and talents within their industry.

"This webinar is for all businesses who recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce, and want to find out more about how embracing the power of ‘diversity of thought’ could be hugely beneficial both socially and financially."

Lee Corless is a Vice President at JP Morgan Chase & Co. within the Global Technology Diversity and Inclusion team.

He was diagnosed with Autism as an adult.

This year he was awarded Outstanding Achievement by an Individual on the Autism Spectrum by the National Autistic Society in the UK.

Lucy Barratt-Smith

Lucy Barratt-Smith

Lucy Barratt-Smith will also talk about her experiences as she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome when she was eight.

She has achieved a degree in Marketing and Branding, has gone on to become a successful marketeer and project manager.