WEST MIDALNDS POLICE are warning motorists to insure their vehicles in a bid to tackle uninsured cars on the roads.

The force has launched ‘Operation Tutelage’, alongside the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB), to trace those who are breaking the law and order them to get insured.

The operation allows police to send a letter to the registered keeper of the uninsured vehicle advising them to insure the motor or risk having it seized.

Superintendent Richard Agar, from West Midlands Road Policing, said: "There is not only a legal but moral responsibility to ensure your vehicle is insured.

"We know the last 12 months have been like nothing we’ve experienced before but the pandemic is no excuse for breaking the law.

"We’re following a national approach, in partnership with the MIB, and reminding people of their responsibilities. There could be a genuine discrepancy for a vehicle not showing as insured.

"But we will seize cars and pursue further action against those who deliberately avoid insuring their vehicles and our warning."

A West Midlands Police (WMP) spokesperson said: “The approach has been successfully used in ensuring people insure their vehicles in other police forces areas around the country. Around two-thirds have insured their motors after being notified.

“Driving without insurance is not only illegal, but unfair on those who do insure, and we won’t hesitate to seize vehicles if people ignore the warning."

Since launching Operation Tutelage as a four-month pilot in February, WMP have sent out more than 3,500 notices and seized 1,900 vehicles in the last six months.