MADAM - Thank heavens for your article in Stourbridge News (March 22)

READ: Returning officer apologises after Dudley voter data blunder

I was unaware that the mistake on my registration form was not the only one.

I have spent a week trying to contact Dudley Council Elections Office to no avail. I have had no response to my ‘phone calls, emails or a letter via the post.

When I ring the number shown on the form (the one you supply in your paper) there is a message which says there is no-one in the office so callers should leave a message. These calls are never returned.

Would it not make sense to put up a message saying they are aware of errors and are working to remedy them?

Kevin O’Keefe says he has ‘reassured residents who have been in touch’, what about those who cannot get in touch? Are we to be disenfranchised?

Perhaps Mr O’Keefe would care to comment?

Yours sincerely,

W.D. Crickard