A DRIVER fled the scene of a car crash in Halesowen.

Firefighters from Haden Cross fire station were called to the scene in Hayseech Road at around 10pm on Sunday (April 4).

The car had left the road and crashed into bushes. No other vehicles are believed to have been involved.

Haden Cross fire tweeted a warning for drivers to stick to the speed limit after the smash saying that the driver was lucky to escape.

The tweet said: "It’s a good job the bushes stopped this car.

"If it had been a tree it would have been a lot worse #killyourspeed driver had left the scene before our arrival."



A spokesman for West Midlands Fire Service said: "A fire engine and five firefighters from Haden Cross attended the scene in under three minutes.

"The occupants of the vehicle had left the scene prior to the crew’s arrival.

"Firefighters removed trees from the road and contained a small amount of engine oil that had leaked from the vehicle, before leaving the scene in the hands of police colleagues."