WORK has started to install an enormous 5G mobile phone mast in a Halesowen street - after residents' objections failed to get the plan dropped.

The towering 15-metre mast on Fairfield Road, next to Fairfield Inn, is being installed by telecommunications company Three.

Work began on Wednesday April 7.

It was given the go-ahead to the horror of residents, who submitted a petition against the proposal.

Concerned resident Darren Bastable, who lives on Fairfield Road, said the mast is being installed in a different spot to that which residents had seen on plans (below).

He says it is being installed on a portion of the footpath which is narrower than the spot on the plan below.

Above: The plan from Hutchison 3G UK Limited

Above: The plan from Hutchison 3G UK Limited

Pictured above: The last plan Darren says he saw, which shows the mast to the left of the existing telegraph pole. On Dudley Council's planning site it says this plan has been superceded, but there is no new diagram.

Darren, age 52, said: "They have dug a massive hole in the pavement at the wrong spot.

"The last plan we saw which we objected to showed the mast to the left of the telegraph pole and they have dug the hole to the right

"The footpath is much narrower here and electric wheelchairs and prams will struggle to get past it when it's done.

"We as residents did not show a plan of it being here.

"It's huge. Who would want that by their homes?

"I called the council's planning department to let them know it was being put in the wrong place and they said I would have to log a complaint on their website before they could send someone out to check.

"It's been absolute chaos in the road.

"The workmen have gone now - presumably they will bring the mast on a crane next.

"It's terrible - we all feel awful about it. It's right by our houses."

The proposal was given the thumbs up by Dudley Council planners, despite objections and a petition with 51 names from local residents concerned about the mast being an eyesore which will devalue properties.

Workmen on site

Workmen on site

A Three spokesperson said: “In September 2020, Three was granted permission to install a mast on Fairfield Road.

"When we went to build the site at this location, we found underground services that made the build impossible.

"We therefore made a second planning application to move the site slightly further along Fairfield Road, which was granted by Dudley Council at the beginning of February 2021.

"We are currently building the mast in this agreed location and look forward to providing the local community with an even more reliable network experience soon.”

Paul Mountford, head of planning and regeneration at Dudley Council, said: “We are not currently aware of any formal enforcement complaints in relation to this site.

"However, we are aware that works have commenced at the location and officers have been in contact with the applicant to ensure works are carried out in accordance with the planning approval.

“Further information regarding the planning enforcement process and how to make a formal complaint are included within Dudley Councils’ adopted Enforcement Plan which can be found online:”