THREE dogs which had been kept in filthy conditions in Halesowen are now with an animal rescue after a petition calling for action attracted more than 24k signatures.

Three of the four Alsations which were being kept at a property in Nimmings Road were voluntarily handed over to The Animal House rescue yesterday (Monday July 26).

The fourth dog, which was not there when the others were handed over, has been signed over and is due to be collected later today (Tuesday July 27).

The issue had been causing concern amongst many people in the area, with tensions rising, after a campaign spearheaded by Nadia Bibi and another neighbour, to get the dogs, called Fifa, Jessie, Sharu and Tyson, moved from the property.

A petition on calling for urgent action has been signed by 24,401 people.

There had been multiple reports to police, the RSPCA and Dudley Council.

Concerns centred around the conditions the dogs were kept in and constant barking keeping neighbours awake throughout the night.

Halesowen Police tweeted: "Halesowen NHT have been busy today dealing with a animal welfare neighbourhood issue in Halesowen north. Multiple resources from RSPCA, Environmental Health, Dudley council ASB officers, local councillors and Halesowen police have been involved.

"The dogs have now been voluntarily moved to an animal rescue centre! A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to sort these issues and the solution is not always instant!

"We have to work together to improve our communities so reporting on social media without knowing all the facts must be avoided! It increases community tension and has a negative impact on all those involved! #Letsworktogether!"



Nadia Bibi, whose house backs onto the yard where the dogs were kept, said they had been "barking day and night."

She said one neighbour was on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to the issue and lack of sleep.

The 43-year-old said: "I'm so pleased they are now with the rescue centre and can run free.

"I texted my neighbour and said now we can get some sleep."

Another neighbour who doesn't wish to be named, who had been feeding the dogs and who started the online petition said: "I'm so pleased, but I will miss them. They are lovely dogs, when I used to feed them they would bring the ball to you. They will make great pets.

"It's really strange now it's silent here."

Councillor Nicolas Barlow, Dudley Council's cabinet member responsible for health and wellbeing, said: “Our officers visited the property and reminded the owners of their responsibilities in relation to the welfare of the animals and consideration to neighbouring residents.

"We understand the owners have now removed the dogs from the property to a local charity.

"I would personally like to thank those agencies involved in the joint working of this case.”