AN APPEAL set up to raise funds for an animal rescue which shelled out £2k to buy four Halesowen dogs being kept in filthy conditions has raised more than £2k in less than 24 hours.

The Animal House Rescue persuaded the owner of the Alsations, which were being kept in the yard of a property on Nimmings Road, to sign them over.

The charity stepped in after an online petition calling for urgent action amid concerns over the conditions they were being kept in and constant barking stopping neighbours from sleeping, attracted more than 24,000 signatures.

The issue had been causing concern amongst many people in the area, with tensions rising, after a campaign spearheaded by Nadia Bibi and another neighbour, to get the dogs, called Fifa, Jessie, Sharu and Tyson, moved from the property.

Linda Reeves, who runs the Bartley Green based centre, said offering the money was an absolute last resort.

Now a GoFundMe page has been set up to help it recoup its costs with donations from grateful animal lovers having reached £2,055.

She said: "One of the hardest things in rescue is to have reports of animals in trouble, to be begged for help and have you hands tied by inadequate laws regarding the way innocent creatures can be kept.

"The frustration of the people in the immediate area and further afield was understandable and the rising anger at the seeming lack of results was growing daily.

"We don't offer money unless we absolutely have to.

"It was a one shot deal to get these dogs out."

Halesowen News:

The oldest dog, a female called Fifa is now in a foster home and the others are loving life playing with their new toys at the centre's kennels which boast a 1.4acre field for them to run around in.

Linda said: "They are loving life and adore their new toys - we have asked our local football club for old balls as they love deflated footballs that they can carry around!

"Fifa acts like she has known a family home before, she has settled straight in! It's wonderful."

Halesowen News:

Pic: Fifa in her foster home.

The dogs are not ready for homes and will have to undergo thorough assessment.

Linda said they are not showing signs of being particularly bonded, so will probably go to separate homes as they "all deserve their own human."

Animal lovers across Halesowen and further afield have been expressing their gratitude to the centre for taking action by donating to the appeal.

Halesowen News:

Pictured above: The conditions the dogs were being kept in.

Linda said: "It's incredible. We started with a £2k outlay and then there's the neutering and vaccinations - to not end up in deficit in these tough times would be amazing."

She added: "We have to say a massive thank you to the people who started the petition and those who have set up the Go Fund me page to help us recoup the money spent.

"Also to Halesowen police who were outstanding and to Environmental Health, Dudley council ASB officers, local councillors and the RSPCA who have all been involved."

The rescue, which has around 40 volunteers, is in desperate need of foster carers for dogs and cats and help with transporting animals.

Dog fosterers must be at home, but cat fosterers can be in work.

At the moment it has 19 dogs in foster.

Anyone who can help can message the rescue on Facebook or fill out a form on its website at