Re planning application number P21/1396. Mast in Fairfield Road.

My wife and I who are both in our 80s strongly object to this application.This was rejected last time so why are you putting the local residents through this again?

It will be only approx.20 Yds.from us and overlooking our bedroom,who would want to look at a 50Foot mast every day.

It will devalue local properties and also there is a known health risk,there are local parks and industrial estates which would not affect anyone.

This mast was stopped before because it was put in the wrong place,so why is it that nearly every week there are workmen working on this mast.

We think that the project has already got the approval and you are advising us and the local residents only to make it formal .

We are very disappointed and the local residents feel they are not being listened to.


Mr and Mrs. M.V.Gregory.