TESCO in Cradley Heath has issued a statement after resin was spilled on its car park, causing some customers to drive through it.

Lance Parsons said his wife Hilary drove through a substance on the car park at Tesco Extra in Foxoak Street yesterday afternoon (Tuesday September 21) and was puzzled as to what it was.

The supermarket giant said it was resin spilled by contractors working on refurbishment work and has asked for anyone who drove through it to get in touch so that their vehicles can be cleaned.

Lance, aged 73, of Quarry Bank High Street, said: "My wife came back from the store saying shoppers had to drive through a liquid substance on Tesco's car park.

"It was over the tyres and wheel arches and smelt really strong, we're not sure if it will do any damage?

"Later when she went out again in the car from home it took some of the granite chippings off the drive with it!"

A Tesco spokesperson said: “The car park of our Cradley Heath Extra is now fully open after a small section was closed off yesterday following a spillage of resin during refurbishment work.

"The resin is not harmful but anyone concerned that they may have driven through the spillage should contact the store and our contractors on site will arrange to clean the car wheels.”