A NEW eco-heating system to provide hot water and heating for Sandwell Council has been approved.

Sandwell Council, the applicant, sent the application to the planning committee on October 6 in the interest of transparency.

The proposed air source heat pump will be located adjacent to the rear of the council building. The site area is close to Oldbury Ringway and separated from the ringway by bushes.

Funded as part of the government’s public sector decarbonisation scheme, the pump will serve the council house building - providing hot water and heating.

The public sector decarbonisation scheme provides grants for public sector bodies to fund heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency measures.

Two non-material planning objections being received.

The planning report states these objections were related to Sandwell Council spending public money to renovate Oldbury Council House, yet “claim to be cash strapped to save Walker Grange Care Centre” in Tipton.

Further objections related to the council were based on planning to build on protected green belt land; not removing weeds growing along streets; failing to cut back overgrown trees; failing to repair pot holes; and not fixing houses in need of repair.

The planning application was approved as per report recommendations.