POLICE have been out cracking down on speeding motorists in Halesowen.

Officers from the Halesowen neighbourhood policing unit were on Long Lane and Narrow Lane on Friday (October 22) to ensure drivers were sticking to the limit.

Dudley North councillor Parmjit Sahota joined them.

He said a number of motorists were clocked flouting the 30mph limit and that fines would go out to some.

Cllr Sahota said on facebook: "I was out with the police as they were doing speed checks across Halesowen town.

"They undertook speed checks on Long Lane and Narrow Lane in our ward.

"The exercise proved productive as a number of motor vehicles were logged speeding above 30mph.

"Some will be issued with warnings letters and those above the threshold will be getting fines.

I have agreed with the police that the next time they undertake speed checks in our ward, it will be useful to select an evening slot for the operation.

"Other locations will also be looked at for future sessions.

"Safe driving all."

Halesowen Police tweeted: "Officers have been conducting speed checks at various locations across Halesowen joined by one of the local councillors.

"These checks have produced positive results and drivers that have been caught will be contacted.#speedkills."

Cllr Sahota's post on the initiative prompted a string of responses with people commented that officers should target Maltmill Lane and Nimmings Road.