SCORES of residents have objected to plans for an "eyesore" 5G phone mast at the entrance to a Halesowen housing estate.

The application for a 15-metre mast on Halesmere Way, the entrance to the Halesmere estate which is home to Manor Way Primary, has attracted around 45 letters of objection from residents concerned over it being an "unattractive monolith," possible health fears, the site being prone to flooding and devaluing homes.

The bid for the mast on the central reservation is from Three (CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd).

Residents from streets including Tibbetts Close, Halesmere Way, Brier Mill Road, Honeybourne Road, Griffin Avenue, Hillview Close and The Firs, have objected to the proposal.

A resident of Tibberton Close states: "We as a family on the estate totally disagree with this going ahead.

"It will be an eyesore for residents.

"The placing of the mast is close to an area prone to flooding.

"It will de-value our properties."

A resident of Honeybourne Road writes: "I and my family are concerned about the financial and health related concerns which this will present us should this be built.

"It will most likely bring property values down, not to mention the increased exposure to supposedly ‘safe radiation’ even though this exposure and it’s effects is still not fully explored, and cannot be explored until studies are done afterwards.

"I do not want to see this mast every time I enter the estate increasing my anxiety levels on whether this mast will affect my physical and mental well being.

"Not to mention there are several industrial estates nearby which would be more suitable sites for this."

One resident of Honeybourne Road states: "Why must we endure the most unattractive sight of this monolith stuck in the middle of a residential estate."

Meanwhile a dentist at Rumbow House also objected stating: "I strongly object to this eyesore on a quiet residential estate near to a primary school which is also prone to flooding."

Halesowen South councillor David Vickers said he had urged residents to get a petition together and to rally together to fight the proposal.

He said: "That is how the residents on the Abbeyfields estate got that mast thrown out.

"I will support residents although I don't think it's a particularly bad spot for it.

"It's the same with every single application - nobody wants them on their doorstep."

A bid for an 18-metre 5G mast at the rear of 7, Cricklewood Drive, on the Abbeyfields estate, was turned down in May after hundreds of objections were received.

Three has been contacted for comment.