A NEW Santa's sleigh has hit the streets of Halesowen thanks to a local councillor.

Councillor Stuart Henley has spearheaded the new sleigh tour which is bringing festive joy to youngsters in the Halesowen North area.

The tour is not only cheering residents, it's also raising funds for defibrillators and bleed kit installations in the area.

Cllr Henley said he had wanted to get a new sleigh tour up and running for a while and that it had been made possible by the help of local companies and residents.

Stuart, whose day job is as a firefighter, said: "It has been great to get this project completed with the help of so many, and bring so many smiles to the local community.

"It was emotional whilst driving Santa and the sleigh around the area whilst raising money for the causes.

"More routes will be added next year, as this year was limited due to the time getting the build completed.

"I would like to thank everyone that has been involved in the Santa run, also wish everyone in Halesowen a Merry Christmas."

Halesowen News:

The route for tonight's sleigh tour (Wednesday December 22) starts in Feldon Lane at 5pm and then goes to Narrow Lane, Holt Road, Church Street and Oak Barn Road.

It will stop of at The Clock and The Shelter for ten minutes at each spot.

Timber was donated by Wickes Halesowen, the tow bar by Towcraft, lights and other items were purchased by Stuart and Coombs Wood Sports and social club allowed the build to take place at their premises.

It was built by Phil Rose.

The sleigh tour has a Facebook page called Halesowen North Santa where routes and pictures can be seen.