A HAYLEY Green woman is running her own Thai food business to offer others a taste of her culture.

Wan Edmonds moved to Halesowen after meeting her British husband Graham Edmonds in Thailand.

She has created her own Thai Kitchen at her home in St Kenelm's Avenue and on Fridays and Saturdays each week between 6pm-9pm Wan prepares classic Thai dishes for people in Hayley Green, Halesowen, Hasbury and nearby.

Her food has been going down a storm with rave reviews pouring in.

Halesowen News:

Pic: Wan cooking with her mother 

Graham said: "Wan was brought up in the home kitchen, watching and helping her mother and grandmother prepare food for the family and, on special occasions, for the whole village.

"This is where Wan’s love of cooking started and where she picked up the culinary skills that later, as a grown up, she perfected working in and then running, one of Bangkok’s most exclusive restaurants."

Wan grew up in the Si Sa Ket province before moving to Bangkok, where she ran a restaurant for around ten years.

She moved to Halesowen after meeting her husband Graham Edmonds in Thailand seven years ago when he was travelling across Asia with his son Ross.

Wan came to the UK five years ago and the couple share five sons between them - Wan's three sons and Graham's two.

She grows ingredients including fresh Thai herbs, fresh Thai chillies and Thai leaf vegetables, in a greenhouse in her garden.

Graham, who runs the business Hagley Kitchens, said: "Wan’s food is probably the most authentic, first class, Thai food you can get without an aeroplane ticket and an invitation to Wan’s Mum’s house!"

Halesowen News:

Pic: Some of Wan's food 

Wan’s Thai Kitchen has a website at wansthaikitchen.co.uk as well as a Facebook page and a five star hygiene rating.

It's a real family affair as Wan and husband Graham do all the preparation, sometimes with the help of sister in law, Sue, then Wan cooks all the dishes to order, fresh on the night, and they are delivered, hot, to peoples’ homes by Graham and his son Ross.

A starter and a main course delivered to your door costs £12.50. Food is delivered to B63, B62 and DY8 postcodes.

To order call 07776 207 596.