A CRADLEY balti has been handed a top hygiene rating of 5 after appealing against an earlier rating.

Vakas Balti on Windmill Hill, had been rated 4 by the Food Standards Agency on December 7.

A rating of 4 means "hygiene standards are good" but owner Mukhtar Ali was unhappy with the verdict, which he disputed.

This resulted in a new inspection which, in great news for the restaurant, handed it a 5 star rating.

Mr Ali said: "I felt the assessment which gave us 4 stars was very unfair as I believe my standards were good enough and should have got a 5 rating.

"I know 4 is still good but I felt I was treated unfairly.

"I had a dispute and got the health department to come for another unannounced visit.

"Which in fairness, there is a possibility of the score increasing or decreasing.

"Anyway I had my visit on Wednesday January 19 and Friday my report came and I have got the maximum rating of 5 now."

A five star rating means "hygiene standards are very good."