A TALENTED knitter has been delighting locals with their Valentine-themed postbox toppers.

The creations have appeared in Dunstall Road and Thornhill Road as lovebirds get ready to celebrate Valentine's day on February 14.

It appears to be the same knitter who spread festive joy with their Christmas-themed toppers on Dunstall Road, Thornhill Road, Uffmoor Road and Hagley Road.

Halesowen News:

Pic: A postbox topper on Dunstall Road (Pic: Lee Moreton)

Lee Moreton spotted the impressive creations on his run and they have sparked joy amongst residents who have seen them, with many sharing their delight on social media.

One person said: "Fabulous, very talented, makes everyone smile.

Another said: "Someone is marketing us cheerful lovely thing to do.

"Thank you whoever you are."

Another said: "This one makes me smile on an early morning walk.

"They’re so clever."

The identity of the knitter has been passed to the Halesowen News, but it appears they want to remain anonymous!