This week our teenage columnist Olivia Harris takes a look at fast fashion and makes an honest admission about giving in to temptation.

So, what is Fast Fashion? Fast Fashion is when clothing companies push out trendy styles in a matter of weeks, aiming to please the consumer at affordable prices. However, we all know that this comes with a few consequences. Often factory workers are treated unfairly and paid lower than what they can survive on, many clothing items become disposable due to the rapid change and it contributes a lot to pollution and environmental damage.

Recently with the rise in environmental change interest, it has got me thinking, will activists ever be able to put a stop to fast fashion?

A lot of us teenagers spend our money on seeking out the fashionable pieces for the year, in these fast fashion shops, mainly due to the low prices that we can afford and their ability to follow the trends that everyone is talking about. Our generation in particular has a huge focus on what we look like and the type of clothes we wear, making these accessible fast fashion brands our top pick.

Personally, there has been moments where I have felt guilty for the consequences my expenditure in these shops has. However, my crave for a new outfit or a particular style of top has always managed to get the better of me (and I’m sure that many people would agree).

Due to social media having a grasp on filling us in on the devastating impacts that fast fashion can have, and activists taking a stance, will us teens ever be drawn away from our favourite brands for good? Do we need to be more cautious about where we buy our clothes from in the future? Are other sustainable brands too expensive, to attract teens with their money? Or should we not be worrying about making such an ethical choice when it comes to clothes?