HALESOWEN’S elusive ‘Banksy’ has struck again.

Another piece of street art has appeared in Halesowen, appearing to be the work of ‘Halesowen Banksy’.

It comes after mysterious artwork has been spotted at several locations in Halesowen and the surrounding area over recent months, believed to created by the same artist.

The most recent artwork was spotted on the wall of the Rainbow Hill Chinese takeaway on Coombs Road earlier this week.

Reader Nikki Koks sent in the snap of a young girl sitting down.

Halesowen News: The artwork is spray painted on a takeaway.The artwork is spray painted on a takeaway.

It comes a month after the artist spray-painted the legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee at MAC Black Belt Academy on Hereward Rise.

There is also a young boy on Ivy Street, a boy on the M5 bridge in Quinton and a boy boxer at Benjamin’s in Birmingham Street as well as an astronaut carrying a Tesco bag at Group Gear Ltd on Bromsgrove Road.