Sleep is such an important element of our everyday lives, so it’s vital that you purchase a bed which provides the optimal comfort and support levels for your own individual needs.

The thought of choosing a bed can be quite daunting but with such a wide selection available at Cousins Furniture’s destination showrooms you will be sure to find what you are looking for, especially in their Bespoke Beds collection. Without compromising on durability or style, their beds are great value for money.

Cousins’ Bespoke Beds are carefully handcrafted in England using the finest materials and traditional techniques, as well as using the latest innovations in sleep technology. They provide all types of mattress fillings and tensions to suit all preferences.

Their friendly and knowledgeable sleep experts will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you to find that perfect night’s sleep. Cousins can also look after you commercially, whether you need beds for hotels or rental properties.

Halesowen News: Cousins Bespoke bed with Tempur mattressCousins Bespoke bed with Tempur mattress

How to choose your bespoke bed?

You can easily create your bespoke bed in just five simple steps.

1. Firstly, choose your size and type of base, whether that’s a divan, bedframe, or ottoman bed. Cousins offers all sizes of beds from single to super king. Their divan bases are available in standard build, or they offer luxury reinforced bases which are indestructible and used in commercial premises. All can be specifically adjusted to your bedroom’s dimensions if required.

2. There are a variety of useful storage options to choose from to help keep your bedroom tidy, including continental, end drawers, and ottomans. All drawers are commercial quality standard and use reinforced metal runners.

3. There’s so many textured fabrics and opulent velvets to choose from, all competitively priced vs other leading bed brands.

4. Decide on whether you’d like a matching headboard or footboard to complete the look. Cousins offers 12 different headboard designs which are available in 3 different heights.

5. Complete your purchase with your choice of mattress, either complementing your base with one from Cousins’ Bespoke Mattress collection or one from a leading bed brand.

Best of all, Cousins Bespoke Beds are available for delivery in seven days, and in some circumstances even ready to deliver in just 48 hours. They also have large quantities of quality mattresses in stock, including from all the leading brands.