Our teenage columnist Olivia Harris takes a look at the cost of getting on  the road for youg drivers

With fuel prices currently on the rise, are teens being kept off the road due to the escalating prices that come with owning a car? Not only does this increase in the price of fuel significantly impact those in their adulthood, but it adds a bit more financial pressure to those teens looking at buying their first car.

The prospect of buying your first car after having passed your test is so exciting, that many jump at the first chance to buy one. However, with insurance prices being ridiculously high for young and new drivers, it can put a stop to that new found freedom (especially as many teens have limited funds compared to older drivers).

Understandably, insurance prices are high for young drivers due to the accident statistics within this age group. However, are we giving them a fair chance to finally get onto the road and gain their independence as a generation? We were all learners at one point, so surely, we know this frustration. With the driving test currently so well-crafted in order to make sure that those who pass are more than ready, why are capable young drivers still having to 

‘Break the bank’ to prove their potential?

Now, with the increasing fuel price worry to add to the already costly experience for teens, will we see less young drivers on the road?