A RESCUE dog was subjected to a shocking attack when it was being held in its owner's arms in Halesowen.

Eight-year-old Winnie was being held by Mark McCarthy when a French bulldog or pug type dog ran across the field between Bournebrook Crescent and Clay Drive jumped up and bit off almost all of her tail.

The attack, which happened on Sunday (April 24) at around 11.30am, cut into an artery and led to Chihuahua/Jack Russell cross Winnie being rushed to the vets for an emergency operation, with the vets bill so far totalling £1.3k.

Mark helps his partner Sadie Townsend run Petsearch Rescue and the dog is one of the rescue's forever dogs which cannot be rehomed as she has complex needs.

Halesowen News:

Pictured: The blood on Winnie and Mark after the shocking incident 

Sadie, aged 50, said: "We are absolutely devastated. This dog ran out of nowhere and before Mark knew it had jumped up and got Winnie who was screaming. Mark saw what he thought was fur on the floor, but it was her tail.

"His hands were wet with blood. He was in such a state. The end of Winnie's tail has been bitten off and the remainder degloved, which means it's been skinned and there was a break at the base.

"It's had to be amputated down to the break and the vet's used living skin to cover the remaining bone.

"Winnie had gone into shock as the bite had gone into her artery.

"She's only tiny. She's on pain medication but is still whimpering."

Halesowen News:

Pic: Winnie's remaining stump 

The owner of the dogs is described as between 50-60 and of medium to large build.

Despite appeals on social media the man has not yet come forward.

Sadie said: "It's absolutely disgusting. He didn't seem to give two hoots.

"We don't want the dog to be put down, but it must be kept on a lead or muzzled and he should come forward to pay the vet's bill for the damage done to poor innocent Winnie.

"She is as soft as a bottle of pop."

Sadie is also worried that the dog could attack a child or kill a dog in the future.

She said: "It could have been a baby in Mark's arms. I dread to think what could happen - this was bad enough - but if Winnie had been on the floor it could have killed her.

"We used to call her squirrel as she had a fluffy tail that curled up - now she's got a tiny stump."

Sadie said she called police who said they would log the incident.

She said the funds for Winnie's vets bills will not come from rescue coffers, but from her own.

More bills and treatment could be in the pipeline as if the skin doesn't heal around her remaining tail bone she might have to have skin grafts.

The rescue, which has a Facebook page called Petsearch Rescue westmidlands UK, already has vets bills of £6k.

Donations to help the rescue can be made at www.paypal.me/PetsearchRescue or visit the Facebook page for bank details.

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