STAFF at an Oldbury medical centre were shocked when a mother duck and eight babies appeared from a busy nearby road.

The ducks were spotted by staff at Warley Medical Centre on Kingsway on Friday (June 17) who heard them quacking loudly and came out to investigate.

Concerned staff who were worried about them getting run over cornered them into a bush.

Halesowen News:

They called Animal House Rescue - who came out to gather them up.

The mother duck and her babies were then safely released into the pond at Leasowes Park in Halesowen.

Heartwarming video shows them jumping happily into the water.

Jenny Fisher, who works in admin at the centre, said she had no idea how they got there.

The 50-year-old said: "They were in great danger as there is no nearby pond and very busy roads to cross.

"How they got there is a mystery but someone did see them waddling down the Kingsway which is a very busy road which is used by double decker buses.

"Myself and two other members of staff and staff from Lloyds pharmacy cornered them to save them from road.

"We called the RSPCA and RSPB who couldn't come out then tried Animal House Rescue who were there within 30 minutes.

"Between us all we managed to get mom and babies into a crate.

"They were then taken to Leasowes park and released into the pond by the rescue.

"They eagerly and very happily jumped into the pond.

"It was such a happy ending and I think the Animal House rescue deserve recognition for again coming to the rescue when no one else will.

"They are truly incredible."

Halesowen News:

Linda Reeves runs Animal House Rescue, which is based in Bartley Green.

The rescue has around 40 volunteers. Its website is at