HEALTH chiefs in the Black Country have issued tips on how to stay safe in the sun with temperatures expected to soar this week.

The Met Office, together with the UK Health Security Agency), has issued a level two heat alert – urging people to take extra care during this week’s heatwave.

A level two alert is issued when temperatures are predicted to hit highs of 27°C for at least three consecutive days.

Today’s high is expected to be 29°C – as hot as Bangkok in Thailand - and over the next few days the temperature in the Black Country could hit 30°C.

NHS bosses have created a video with tips for to staying safe amid the baking temperatures or people can visit for information.

Black Country nurse practitioner Angela Tranter, who features in the video, said: “As temperatures rise, check on any neighbours that may be vulnerable or friends and family to make sure their houses are nice and cool, if they need help with opening windows, buying fans or anything you can think of.

“The main risks posed by a heatwave are dehydration, heat exhaustion and heatstroke, as well as overheating, which can make symptoms worse for people who already have problems with their heart or breathing. Make sure you stay well hydrated with plenty of fluids but avoid alcohol if possible. You also need to avoid any strenuous or extreme activities when it’s hot, such as playing sports.

“If you’re taking a car journey, make sure the car remains well ventilated, and never leave babies, small children or the elderly in cars for long periods of time.

“Try and stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm and look out for any heat related symptoms such as headache, nausea and vomiting. This is a sign that you have had too much sun and could be suffering with heat exhaustion.”

“If you, or others, start to feel unwell, move out of the heat immediately and drink some water to rehydrate.

“If you feel dizzy, weak, or have a headache and intense thirst, visit NHS 111 online or call 111 for more advice.”