A SERIES of roads across Halesowen have benefitted from improvements to make them easier for disabled residents to navigate.

Dropped kerbs have been installed after local councillors Parmjit Sahota and Cllr Hilary Bills spoke to resident Brian Williams who uses a disability scooter to get around, on Woodbury Road.

The pair were on a walkabout when Brian pointed out to them that there were no dropped kerbs at key crossing points on Woodbury Road to enable scooter users to cross without going into the busy road.

Cllr Sahota then asked Dudley Council Highways Department to visit a number roads he had identified for attention.

Now dropped kerbs have been installed on a string of roads.

These include Woodbury Road at the junction with Hagley Road West; Binswood Road; Weatheroaks; Pinewoods; Hollymount: Elmdale and Woodbury Close.

Cllr Sahota, who is also the Shadow Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Enterprise, welcomed the changes.

He said “The Disability Discrimination Act requires the local authority to ensure decent access for those with disabilities, this includes public footpaths and pavements.”

Resident, Brian Williams said: “I want to thank both Cllr Parmjit Sahota and Cllr Hilary Bills for looking into our concerns and making it safer to get about with the new dropped kerbs.

"Both Parmjit and Hilary are always busy getting things done for the area!”

The councillors regularly walk around their Halesowen North ward to identify any issues and talk to residents.