After seeing the trailer for this film, starring the legendary Jack Black, and directed by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) I was expecting great things.

However, I was left feeling slightly disappointed by Be Kind Rewind.

Black plays Jerry, a down-on-his-luck junkyard owner, who accidentally magnetises his body while trying to sabotage a power plant, which he believes is melting his brain.

He then wipes all the VHS tapes in the local video store, where his best friend Mike (Mos Def) has been left in charge, while the owner Mr Fletcher (Danny Glover) is away.

The pair hatch a plan to remake all the movies people want to rent, with the film high points showing their hilarious attempts to produce ingenious, low budget remakes of such classics as Ghostbusters, Robocop and The Lion King.

To their surprise, their movies become an underground phenomenon, and the failing, run-down business suddenly takes a turn for the better, as people travel for miles to rent their films. But the FBI hear of the remakes and Sigourney Weaver makes a guest appearance as the agent who tries to shut down the operation for violating copyright law.

Despite occasional laugh-out-loud moments, this film didn't have any other highlights and failed to live up to its promising potential. A fun, light-hearted film, but one to definitely rent out on DVD.