My interest in this film was sparked due to it being based on a true story surrounding the 1971 Baker Street bank robbery.

I didn't really know too much about the background surrounding the events of this heist due to a D- Notice government gagging order so went with an open mind.

The Bank Job is a gritty British film based in London, which stars Jason Statham as Terry and the beautiful Saffron Burrows who plays Martine.

The film begins with Terry, a dodgy small time car dealer being propositioned by Martine to rob the vault of a bank.

In the first 30 minutes the film jumps from scene to scene explaining very little and introducing more and more characters which leaves the audience growing restless and making the pace slow.

But it gathers steam as the action starts to take place as Terry gets together a team of petty crooks with Martine in tow and set off to dig their way into the vault in the bank, blissfully unaware they have been set up by Martine on behalf of MI5.

The second half of this film focuses on the events surrounding the aftermath of the robbery which involves scandalous photographs of a member of the royal family, MI5, the militant Black Panther Movement and corrupt police officers.

Despite the dodgy acting skills , the film does have a comic element to it as it attempts to reveal the truth.

It is hardly a must see but if you have a rainy Sunday afternoon free with nothing to do then it's worth a watch.