Owen Wilson's latest funny flick Drillbit Taylor sees the comic star once again on fine form.

This Wedding Crashers meets School of Rock outing sees Wilson starring as a homeless California beach bum who becomes a budget bodyguard to three bullied high school geeks to help raise enough cash to buy him a plane ticket to a new life in Canada.

It sounds pretty silly stuff, and of course it is, but Wilson does a fine job as the loveable loser Drillbit Taylor, a former soldier with a debatable CV - who passes himself off as a teacher, and who despite telling a bunch of lies...still manages to brighten up the lives of those he meets.

Schmaltzy yes but it's a lively, light-hearted holiday release with a simple message - that as long as your heart's in the right place, that's all that matters.

Meanwhile youngsters Nate Hartley and Troy Gentile are likeable and enjoyable to watch as lanky and lardy pals Wade and Ryan, desperate to make the right impression on the first day of their high school careers.

David Dorfman as Emmit - who to their detriment they rescue from being stuffed into a locker - is annoying throughout. He serves his stereotypical, plot-furthering purpose but he evokes little to no sympathy.

And while it is definitely a kids' movie there are plenty of moments to make the adults laugh out loud.

Verdict: Not a comedy classic - but a great, easy-going Sunday morning movie.