AFTER a break of nearly 20 years Harrison Ford returns as the greatest action hero of all time - Indiana Jones.

Movie maestros Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have managed to bring back the daring archeologist for a fourth's been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait.

Although more than a little older, greying and even more rugged, Ford slips gracefully back into his most famous role - which this time sees him in South America in 1957 in search of the mysterious, other worldly Crystal Skulls...with Russian villainess Irina Spalko (Cate Blanchett) hot on his heels.

Dream team director Spielberg and writer Lucas have spent years working on this movie - and they certainly haven't disappointed.

There's plenty of action-packed stunts, edge-of-the-seat chases and 65-year-old Ford proves he can still take down the bad guys in style.

The two-hour outing also has no shortage of spiders webs, secret caves and more creepy crawlies than ever before - including Indy's pet hate, snakes.

Karen Allen returns for a piece of the action as Indy's old flame Marion Ravenwood (from Raiders of the Lost Ark)...and young Hollywood heart-throb Shia LeBeouf (Transformers) tags along for the ride as her rebellious son, Mutt Williams.

Well-known faces Alan Dale and Jim Broadbent make brief appearances and Ray Winstone stars as Indy's double-crossing old pal George Mac' McHale.

For me, nothing is ever going to beat The Temple of absolute favourite of the three - but it's great to see Indy back on the big screen and becoming an action hero for a whole new generation of fans.

Verdict: If adventure has a still must be Indiana Jones.