Sex and the City: The Movie (15), Four stars AFTER a four year wait, the time finally arrived as Sex and the City hit the big screen.

I joined Beacon radio listeners in a one-off private charity screening which helped raise money for Breast Cancer and the NSPCC.

The atmosphere in the cinema was brilliant, as the women - dressed to the nines - and a handful of men, tucked into their free cocktails and cupcakes to enjoy an evening of glitter and glamour.

The film picks up from where the popular series left off four years ago - with the four best friends now in their forties.

Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is still blissfully in love with Mr Big' played by original actor Chris Noth. Kim Cattrall's feisty Samantha is still with toyboy Smith Jerrod and now living together in Los Angeles. Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is still juggling her working life with family life with husband Steve and son Brady and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is happily enjoying her perfect life with husband Harry and their adopted Chinese daughter Lily.

Although not wanting to spoil the plot of the film for fans, viewers are whisked away to the glamorous world of Manhattan for two and a half hours - to sit mesmerised by the designer clothes, to drool at the Manolo Blahnik shoes and envy the lifestyle of the iconic women.

The film follows the ups and downs of their four lives, as they continue to search for love in New York on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

There were many laugh out loud moments, gasps of shock and horror as well as the occasional tear, which came from the audience and as the credits rolled and you returned to reality, a thunderous applause erupted throughout the cinema.

The film is a must for original Sex and the City fans, but is also a must see for newcomers - who will no doubt go out and buy the series box set on leaving.