THE search for an elderly horse in Halesowen came to a heartbreaking end after firefighters fought to rescue her.

Cassie, who was thought to be aged at least 27, had become stuck in a ditch in her field on Manor Way near Halesowen Golf Range.

Her worried owners and friends had been frantically searching for her after she went missing on Monday (January 23).

She was found yesterday and had fallen into a ditch in her field - despite "incredible" efforts which saw her rescued from the ditch - on vet's advice the sad decision was made to put her to sleep.


Halesowen News: Cassie was at least 27 years oldCassie was at least 27 years old (Image: Handout)

Firefighters from Haden Cross and Woodgate Fire Station as well as search and rescue technical teams were at the scene.

Her owners' friend Sophie Pepper, said: "Whilst looking for her we all must have walked past her multiple times and just not seen her.

"One of us found her when looking again yesterday morning.

"She was still alive but not in a good way."

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Sophie said firefighters "did an amazing job at moving her and everyone who knew and loved Cass is extremely grateful for their hard work and the incredible job that they did.

"Unfortunately, she had been down for such a long time that her temperature wouldn’t even register and she was so cold she was having seizures.

"She also had some injuries from her fall and the vet advised that she would not survive regardless of what was tried so her owners made the heartbreaking decision to put her to sleep.

"They were with her along with many of their friends for support.

"Her owners are so grateful for all of the help and support since the missing post went up.

"The rescue team did amazing to get Cass out of a dreadful situation.

"The men and women went above and beyond and we're all just as heartbroken at the outcome."

Halesowen News: Firefighters attempting to rescue Cassie Firefighters attempting to rescue Cassie (Image: Handout)

West Midlands Fire Service said: "We were called at 9.45am yesterday to reports of a horse stuck in mud.

"Oxygen was given to the horse.

"The technical rescue team put in place a plan to retrieve the horse and got it out onto the bank using specialist equipment.

"Sadly the vet assessed the horse and the decision was made to put it to sleep. 

"We left the scene at 12.20pm in the care of the owner." 

Crew commander Nathan Pattimore, from Haden Cross Fire Station,

said:"She'd fallen into a bit of a brook and was on her side on the bank.

"She was quite well hidden - unless you were on top of her you wouldn't know she was there.

"We managed to get her out - we had tools to slide under her and slings to pull her out.

"We did our best and that's all you can do - it was sad as she was a very old horse."