At Values Academy we like to start our day with a wake up and shake up dance. We start with a warm up and then try to get as many staff and students to join in as possible. One student picks a song and we start dancing.

Wake up and shake up started as a way to get students ready for the day. It helps students during breakfast club and is good exercise. I asked one student what she thought about wake up and shake up and she said: “It’s a fun experience in the morning and it gets you motivated for the day.”

I asked a member of staff too what she thought about wake up and shake up and she said: “It’s a fantastic mood lifter, it sets you up for a happy, healthy start to the day.” I think it should happen in all schools because it helps students when they are tired and it’s lots of fun.

As long as everyone is sensible and chooses an appropriate song then you can learn lots about individual tastes and different types of music. It teaches students to be patient and all you need is a laptop and a speaker. I would encourage other schools to give it a go because it will help staff and students to build relationships and any one can give it a go. Wake up and shake up really helps to me enjoy school and I miss it on the weekend and during holidays.