Indeed, nature is the one thing that keeps on giving. It provides us with oxygen, water and a sense of peace. Yardley Oakland Park is no different.
Since lockdown, the park has been an escape for many people where they can go and refresh their mind, body and soul. This can be done through the many services that are provided in the park, such as a mini gym, tennis court, football pitch, skate park and a picnic area, which is accessible to all ages and all people of ability and disability. 
So why do people come to the park?
There are many reasons as to why someone may decide to come to the park, socialising, playing team sports such as football and basketball, exercising at the gym or just simply jogging or running. Either way it is a place for all. Likewise, it is a pet friendly environment where dogs and cats can also enjoy themselves and play with their owners.
However, there are also many benefits of going to the park; spending time outdoors with nature has been found to help overcome mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, promoting mental health and boosting wellbeing as a whole. Not only is it good for the person themselves but going to the park helps to build and strengthen a healthy community. This is proven through the weekly litter picking - a voluntary act of kindness to keep our park a cleaner and safer environment. 
Through my visits to the Oakland Park, I have been blessed with the opportunity socialise and meet new people, an example is a teenager called Leshay William’s who visits the park regularly, and she said to me:
“When I want to get away, I go to the park, get some fresh air to restart my mind and cope better with life’s problems, I have also made some life- long friends here.”
This is one case between millions which is living proof that parks are not boring places but places of inspiration and beauty.