WARNING DISTRESSING IMAGE: A DOG with 'horrendous' stab wounds was carried into an Oldbury vets in B&M bag.

The dog, a female bull breed, had fresh stab wounds all over her head and body and had died as a result of a "savage attack."

Her body was carried into the PDSA Pet Hospital on Wolverhampton Road on Wednesday, March 29 wrapped in a blood drenched sheet and B&M shopping bag by a man who claimed the dead pet had been hit by a car, but who left before leaving his name or details.

Halesowen News: The horrific wounds to the dog The horrific wounds to the dog (Image: RSPCA)

She also had fractures to her ribs, skull and muzzle, and numerous areas of bruising, including severe trauma to the abdomen resulting in the rupture of the intestines.

The RSPCA is appealing for information to trace the man, who is described as black and around 20-30 years old, wearing black trousers, a black jacket and black cap.

RSPCA Inspector Boris Lasserre, said: “The photographs and x-rays are horrific and clearly show the ferocious and sustained attack this dog endured before her death.

"We are very keen to trace whoever did this and would like to identify the person who took him to the PDSA between 9am and 10am on March 29.

“We understand the man carried the dog into the clinic having arrived there on foot so we would be interested in hearing from anyone who was in the area at the time or from any drivers who have dash cam footage.

"We also appeal to anyone who may have heard a dog screaming in agony on the morning of the March 29.

"The nature of the wounds show that the horrific mutilation of the dog was not post-mortem.

"Clearly this savage and prolonged attack led to the dog’s eventual death.

“It is very important that anyone with information contacts us in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018.

"This poor dog would have suffered a great deal in this attack and we would like to find out who did this to her.”