A MAN who is owed £26k after winning an employment tribunal against a Cradley social club is still waiting for the money after the sale was delayed.

Stephen Smith won a claim against The Wilson Hall Social Club, also known as Cradley Labour Club, back in May 2022 and has not received any monies.

An offer of £350k was accepted for the social club building on Colley Gate in March - but the sale has not yet gone through - with the family getting frustrated by a lack of communication.

Sixty-four-year-old Mr Smith's son Luke Smith said his dad, who lived above the club when he was steward, lost his job and his home and wants to put the ordeal behind him.

Luke, aged 34, said: "My dad won a case for wrongful dismissal.

"They suspended him for an alleged assault, which then turned into bullying, harassment and unprofessional behaviour.

"There was no evidence.

"He was dragged into a disciplinary hearing and they sacked him. They did not follow any formal procedure.

"They didn't even turn up to the employment tribunal.

"They asked for a three-month grace period four months ago and I have not heard anything - I've tried e mailing and calling councillor Crumpton and haven't heard anything.

"The members don't know what's going on either.

"It's not cllr Crumpton's fault - he's just dealing with the sale, but we want to know what's happening.

"My dad was sofa surfing with friends and relatives for about five months - now he has a council flat in Netherton.

"He lost all his possessions apart from four bin bags of clothes which were thrown out by the front door.

"I just want him to be able to get sorted and put it all behind him.

"The court said the amount would increase by eight per cent each year it is not paid so the longer it goes on the more it is costing them."

Halesowen News: Cradley Labour councillor Tim Crumpton outside Wilson Hall Cradley Labour councillor Tim Crumpton outside Wilson Hall (Image: Handout)

Councillor Crumpton apologised that the sale had been delayed.

He said: "The sale is getting there.

"It should hopefully be completed within the next four months and then we will pay off the debtors, including Mr Smith.

"I know it's not great news for him and I'm sorry for the delay.

"All the trustees listed on the land registry are deceased - I had to find out who they were and get their death certificates, which has taken a lot of time."

Cllr Crumpton said the buyer does not want to go public yet.

He said previously: "My thoughts are the building will stay - I think it will be something the people of Cradley will welcome."

Around 30 Labour Club members attended a meeting at the club in March where they voted unanimously to accept the offer.

The remainder of the monies will be shared between club members, who number over 100.

The club closed in December 2021 after damage due to flooding and the covid pandemic meant it could not survive as a viable business.