DANI Waugh and her dog Milo from Halesowen are a step closer to being named the UK and Ireland's biggest ‘Doggy Doppelgangers’ after being shortlisted by an expert panel called in to judge top dog and owner lookalikes.

Dani and Milo have made the shortlist for the award, launched by pet food specialists Naturo after the rise in pet ownership over the past few years and research that has highlighted there is often a resemblance between dogs and their owners, from puppies to rescues.

Studies have found people are able to match dogs and their owners simply by looking at photographs of their faces.

Dani said of being shortlisted: “It feels fabulous that people think we look similar. I’ve had Milo since he was a puppy, he is now two and I first realised we looked similar when a friend said that we have the same ‘malteaser’ eyes.”

She added: “We don’t intentionally look similar, Milo is well groomed and he has a good wardrobe of harnesses and coats. He is my little baby, I have no kids so I often refer to him as my son.”

“Others often comment on our bond and how much happiness we bring each other. If we were a duo we would be like Woody and Buzz Lightyear because he’s got a friend in me and we will be together to infinity and beyond.”

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Eva Strain, marketing manager at Naturo, said: “With the last few years seeing pet ownership rise significantly, we wanted to find the owners who have a bigger bond with their furry friend than just friendship, whether it’s through their eyes, hair or any other similar feature.

“The resemblance between Dani and Milo is uncanny and we wish them the best of luck in the final stage of the competition.”

Voting for the winner of the competition is now open until 11.59pm on Monday August 14.