AN Oldbury school which appeared on the govenment's list of sites affected by dodgy concrete is in the clear.

Sandwell Council says surveyors have found no RAAC at Brandhall Primary School.

The government yesteday released a list of 147 schools it says have the crumbling concrete which poses a safety risk.

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A spokesperson for Sandwell Council said: “We were notified of the possibility that RAAC may be present in the plant room at Brandhall Primary School.

“We have investigated further and surveyors have confirmed there is no RAAC present at Brandhall Primary School. There was no disruption for pupils as they do not have access to this room.”

Pupils returned to the primary school on Brennand Road as normal this week.

Redhill school in Stourbridge also appears on the list but the unsafe concrete is in a plant room where there is no access for pupils of staff.