The Nails that drive the sales!

 By Lizzie Akiningain

Recently a new nail tech from Northampton has opened her business ‘Debzsnailparlour’. She is young, talented, and determined to drive the sales with her new launch of nails. She first began practicing earlier this year in 2023; Deborah  practiced on herself, family, and friends to ensure perfection when taking on new clients. This was effective as through continuous practice whilst juggling university, work, and other personal matters, one could say the common phrase ‘practice made perfect’ was brought to truth. 

Deborah is only 20 years old and can balance all these academic and personal responsibilities, highlighting her dedication for the success of her business. Furthermore, she is a prime example of a young black girl aspiring to achieve her goals and this is significant because her hard work motivates other young black girls, by showing them what is possible. Deborah says, ‘representation is significant as it encourages other people like me to chase their ambitions.

What inspired her?

Deborah states she has always had a passion for nails and always wanted to launch a business in the future. Her passion soon turned into her reality, through taking a nail course and consistently training, till she had enough confidence to inform the world about her new venture. Additionally, Deborah is also a Christian and she believes through her faith in God it motivated to her to keep going. Deborah says one of her favourite bible verses is Philippians 4:13 ‘I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me.

One could say she is nailing it!