A Haunting Halloween special!

In BOA Stage and Screen Academy there will be in a haunting Halloween event, ‘Behind the curtain’ taking place at The Old Rep Theatre. Stellar students from BOA all play a significant role into bringing the production to life (literally). This is 2-day event taking place on the 30-31st of October,2023.  

Behind the scenes

Students at Boa have been working on this event from before the summer break, showing their hard work, dedication, and effort. Auditions were advertised for acting roles from September, to pick up young, aspiring talent to partake. A ringmaster in the event, Lily-Mae Brookes, says ‘she can’t wait for the world to witness what they’ve been working on!’

 As one of the ringmasters in rehearsals, Lily-Mae Brookes informed me that they block their scenes out and practice their lines. Further, in rehearsals they try-out different accents and dynamics to see what works best for a comedic effect. All these tasks are effective in creating a successful outcome for the exciting event.

Another role the audience love is the scare actor, which is played by Carlo Trainor. The Scare actor role is practically in the name! They ensure all attendants do not leave without a fearful fright and a shiver in their body. Rumour has it their goal is to get a scream out of each person, if you’re not scared, I am!

This fearful, but fun event has overall been successful so far, as they have nearly sold out all the tickets. The selling of the tickets emphasise how the vision of the event has been brought to life.